Elisabetta Sgarbi, after a degree in Pharmacy, has begun to work in publishing, first at Studio Tesi, then in Bompiani, where she has been press officer, editor and editorial director for more than 25 years. In 2015 she has left Bompiani to found - together with other publishers and authors such as Umberto Eco, Mario Andreose and Eugenio Lio - La nave di Teseo, of which she is General Director and Editorial Director. In 2017 La nave di Teseo has acquired Baldini & Castoldi, Oblomov Edizioni, becoming an independent publishing group of which Elisabetta Sgarbi is General Director.

She has has created and she has been directing for 20 years La Milanesiana Festival, Literature, Cinema and Science that presents and gather around main European and world personalities of Thought and Art.

Since 1999 she produces and directs her movies, presented in the most important international festivals, among which Venezia, Turin, Rome. She has worked with actors like Laura Morante, Toni Servillo, Anna Bonaiuto, Roberto Herlitzka, Lutcka Pockaj, Andrea Renzi, Sabrina Colle, Branko Zavrsan, Elena Radonicich, Adalberto Maria Merli, Ivana Pantaleo, Galatea Ranzi, Michela Cescon, Toni Laudadio, Paolo Graziosi.

She is president of Foundation Elisabetta Sgarbi, active in promoting art and literature, in production and ideation of meetings and exhibitions, among which "La Collezione Cavallini Sgarbi. Da Niccolò dell’Arca a Gaetano Previati. Tesori d’arte per Ferrara” and the year meeting dedicated to Ariosto that has place in Ferrara, in the palace where the poet has written the first edition of Orlando Furioso (1516), palace where there are four apartments of Rina Cavallini, now part of Foundation Elisabetta Sgarbi.

Elisabetta Sgarbi is member Paulo Coelho Foundation, Brazilian writer translated in more than 81 languages and that she has published for more than 25 years.

For her contribution to arts and culture, Elisabetta Sgarbi she has been awarded of various prizes, among which Ambrogino d'oro, Ausperberg Prize, Vittorio De Sica Prize, Sulmona Prize.