2001  /  15’

Confronting celebrity, the literary and academic Authority.
A straightforward gaze, an (always) fixated and never centred shot on Umberto Eco. A constraint of a narrow and dislocated perspective, of a blocked and lateral gaze, draws -paradoxically through distance and adherence- closer to Umberto Eco's body: his voice, his most usual gestures, the tapping of a foot.

The occasion is an important and prestigious celebration. Umberto Eco is intense, demanding, ironic, as always.
By adopting a limited gaze, the author re-invents the situation, leaves the context of Mantua behind and presents an absolute Ec(h)o; she forces him into an ad libitum reiteration of the same nod, she focuses and magnifies the fragments of a calm and collected personality, she avoids an ontological claim on the real, the monotony of an ex-cathedra frontality and embraces a constrained gaze- the one that chooses its own limitations because it resists the whole, but aspires to everything.