2017  /  50'

A Slovenian Journey

A journey to the borders of our nearest elsewhere, a land, a country, a culture that is just beyond a mobile threshold, made to be crossed and erased a million times by transmigrations of people, languages, habits.
The Slovenia in the words and in the eyes of Paolo Rumiz, met in places of mysticism or technology, to tell us how much our roots could press into someone’s else land.
Slovenia in the first interview after many years to the great poet Alojz Rebula, now blind, but that keeps on writing: the beauty of the language, its intrinsic docility to poetry, to literary visions.
Slovenia in Claudio Magris’s memories, his walks on Snežnik Plateau, the verses of the writer Marisa Madieri – his wife – Istrian exile.
Slovenia of the young and vital orchestra, directed by Maestro Igor Coretti-Kuret, born to overcome any border and to create a cultural, emotional continent.
The Slovenia in Boris Pahor writings, interpreted by Toni Servillo.