2000  /  10’25”

ancora un po is a short movie shot near the scenes of "Delitto sul Po", a film-version serialized in micro episodes by Antonio Rezza and Flavia Mastrella. The water, the lunar landscape of the Delta (or, is it the Korean coast?), the happiness of the set. Like children on the pirate ship. Or on Vigo's Atalante. (Too much happiness: zero for conduct!)
The opening setting of the film focuses on the preparations of a scene punctuated by an off-screen voice that keeps repeating: " First page of the script," a scene which is not shot and fades to black (exactly when the director's voice starts urging one of the actors not to join other two of them). Then the end titles, like in Man on the Moon, mark a new start: four scenes, among the several others that are going to give a definitive shape to "Delitto sul Po."
Rezza' s body playing on the set bursts into excitement, sliding to the ground, investigating, rebelling ("Get off!! is what Flavia, and then Lavinia, are saying) against the slow intrusions of the digital eye, dancing (in slow motion) like Marilyn in the Seven year itch (a tribute to Rezza; see the complementary tribute to Flavia Mastrella).
Rita Rezza's voice simulates an imaginary accordion. Yet there's the gentle, agonising accordion of Guy Klucevsek, unmistakably halfway between the sad tunes of a village festival and music Avant-guardism.