1999  /  5’29”

This short develops itself in the shape of a persistent and loud account: a baby weeping and a flapping of sugar bag.

(Elisabetta Sgarbi)

"and into the image itself there are struggles we don't understand, we perceive something yet we don't understand them and, in a way, we can't see them either"

Therefore, I reckon television keeps on being this Amazon, this Africa. So if let's say not the blob-bait, but the blob-lens, the blob-filter, could be a way to entrust television again, maybe well, certainly it is more interesting to do that, although not since the beginning acknowledge a passionate passivity towards many formulas you already had in general, I am more interested, in order to avoid to fall within in a specific TV genre, blob.

enrico ghezzi and Claudio Michelone are mainly discussing about blob, a Raitre program, launched by the former in 1989. "I wouldn't change the worst blob - and 70 out of 100 are the worst -, I wouldn't change the worst blob with the editing of avant-garde films from the Fifties to nowadays that have been working on the assembly, the visual cut-up until Nam June Paik, until Bill Viola… that's a different story.
In this case I was talking about every video-art expression, exagerating.
Most of the more fascinating pre-Warhol cinema has been accomplished by people dazzled by TV extravagance, by these infinite loops of meaning in TV, thus they made seven-min length editing, fifteen twenty shooting in Super 8, in 16, cutting and editing…"
And the title of the video is exactly referring to (besides the written words on the display of ghezzi's cellular phone, which is the final shot of the short), the endless anonymous and unknown flow of images blob tries to reply to.
Eyes, glasses, hands, the arm, the face, the watch, the portable recorder, the glass of beer, background noises.
Anonimo. Rispondere?, in black and white, close-ups, extreme close-ups, details, special effects and the score including two versions of Satisfaction, played by the Stones and the Devo (absolutely among ghezzi's and Michelone's favourite songs).

Selected for competition at the 17th Torino Film Festival, in the section "Spazio Italia"


Elisabetta Sgarbi