2006  /  20’


  • La Scomparsa di Giove - da incontri con l'Anima
  • Lux Libera Nos - da Tempus Fugit: soprano Luisa Cottifogli
  • Michael Angelus Pacis - da incontri con l'Anima: soprano Dora Carofiglio
  • How Long - da incontri con l'Anima: soprano Nuria Rial
  • Aurea Carmina: coro dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia, baritono Simone Alaimo
  • Preghiera della Sera - da Tempus Fugit: soprano Luisa Cottifogli
  • Lamentazioni di Geremia: controtenore Giuseppe Zambon
Appearances - Mathias Gruenewald

Appearances - Mathias Gruenewald

By Elisabetta Sgarbi / Giovanni Reale

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"You have just come in, when it appears abruptly astonishing you with the appalling nightmare of a Calvary. It is like the typhoon of an unbridled art which passes by carrying you away."
The altarpiece of Isenheim (1518), today in the Museum of Unterlinden in Colmar, masterpiece of the great painter Mathias Gruenewald, in this tale appears and disappears in movement like a loose intermittence of the eye which, blinded, blurs the sight and captures the prey. Fragments of a polyptych syllabizing a theory of grief, and of happiness falling.
(Shot on the basis of an anthology of texts edited by Giovanni Reale).

Presented at 24th Torino Film Festival