2001  /  46’50”

Beauties by night

Beauties by night

By Elisabetta Sgarbi / Vittorio Sgarbi and Luciano Emmer

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A sudden shower causes a temporary suspension of electricity during the director Luciano Emmer's visit to the Pamphili Collection. An art critic, Vittorio Sgarbi, who encouraged the setting up of the collection, takes the director into the dark suites of the exhibition hall. In the darkness, there's only the luminous eye of the torch that keeps accompanying us around, following the two men, bringing us to the discovery of carved and painted sculptures that are materialising in this night reverie. A relentlessly wide open eye makes us (over)see, makes us catch a full sight. This is a situation reminiscent of Galleria Borghese visited by Emmer in the night and here "dreamt" by the director while coming clean in front of the critic. How beautiful are, by night, the Pamphili Collection and the Galleria Borghese. Then, everything is swallowed up by darkness, "by gloomy(ness), neologism."

presented at 19th Torino Film Festival