2009  /  45’

Deserto Rosa - Luigi Ghirri

Deserto Rosa - Luigi Ghirri

By Elisabetta Sgarbi

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The purpose of the film is to approach to the sources of emotion, which is the essential guide-line of the great photographer Luigi Ghirri's whole work. Luigi Ghirri's ultimate project, which unfortunately has not been realized, was a "house of seasons": he planned to buy a cottage - appearing in his last works - near his house in Roncocesi, with the aim of using it as a space for the staging of a series of exhibitions, each related to the going season, in order to establish a relation between the time of nature and the time of Art. "Deserto Rosa" is inspired by this interrupted project: the camera "pays visit" to a sequence of landscapes photographed by Ghirri just following the season rotation: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Night Spring.

Aleksandr Sokurov describes every season represented in the movie, focusing in a narrative form the feeling of time blindness that belonged to Luigi Ghirri.

Paola Borgonzoni Ghirri described him as follows: “Luigi Ghirri was always there, walking on a rope over a snowy meadow, on a ploughed field or vanishing in the fog, always a little higher than me even on the Adriatic beaches, in the light of one of those summer sunsets, that give this sea his hues of turquoise and emerald.”

Presented at 67th edition of Festival del cinema di Venezia - Sezione Orizzonti