2013  /  78'

Two partisans – lovers – betrayed by an informer, evoked and remembered by their daughter, many years later. A fugitive, brought to safety across the canals of the Delta by two dispatch riders. Nicol Finzi Contini retraces his childhood in Ferrara, going back to the Jewish cemetery and the family home. A ghost that re-appears through the words of Giorgio Bassani. A fisherman from Pila who falls into the net of his own illusion: convinced that the prettiest lady in the village, a married woman, is ready at last to fall into his open arms. But if the illusion triggers off the imagination and life itself, then it can be very dangerous. In Racconti d’amore (Love Stories), the canals and the stretches of water, Ferrara, the plain and the river all become pockets of incontaminated time, the theatre of amorous phantoms and desires suspended between life and death.

Episode I
Michela Cescon, Andrea Renzi, Ivana Pantaleo. With special appearance by Laura Morante. From a script by Sergio Claudio Perroni.
Episode II
Sabrina Colle, Tony Laudadio, Anna Oliviero.
From a script by Fausta Garavini. Voices off: Sabrina Colle and Tony Laudadio.
Episode III
Elena Radonicich. With special appearance by Rosalinda Celentano.
From Giorgio Bassani and Gian Antonio Cibotto. Voice off: Toni Servillo.
Episode IV
Tony Laudadio, Anna Oliviero, Maurizio Giberti.
From a script by Tony Laudadio. Voice off: Tony Laudadio.