2000  /  19’30”

* according to the initial plan, the project had to include 30 stories, but ended up 7 due to lack of funds.

by Elisabetta Sgarbi and Paolo Mosca
Editing by Alessandro Belloni
Brooklyn Film Festival 2000

An attempt to tell seven stories (about fog, water, love, etc.) experiencing the black/white multiplication of things, time, desires. The last desire: Thir(s)ty

1) In Denmark
The sound of water. Overexposed images. A figure approaching through the fog. A powerful voice - Carmelo Bene's - filling the diffused whiteness. Eyes multiplying. One eye looming, blinking, brething. Music by Carmelo Bene.
2) Perpetual motion (the fleeing mirror)
A feeling of expectancy and then the dance begins. A book whose cover is a mirror. Set inside, a hundred dollar bill. Two characters move through the suburbs of anywhere, arguing over the book. The fleeing mirror captures trees and buildings, a race backwards and then, round and round, the speed increases till it comes to a halt.
Music by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

3) Tears of water
A luring whirlpool. An artificial sun lighting up a room. In a pond rolling eyes run and touch. Two images breathing under water broken by satellites here fast, there hesitant. Crying tears of water. Music by Sviridov.

4) A date with ulysses
Two lives cross at Milan station. He sees her. He casts the bait - a book with the image of Ulysses - and the stakes are set. She looks for Ulysses, spots him and then meets him in a mirror-pillar that encaptures presences and transforms them into living manifestations. Music by Henry Mancini.

5) Normal people
A labyrinth. A mask moving in the darkness. Someone's following it. Rusted pipes, crooked walls intersecting the panting of a breath. The mask flees. It comes across an eye, close, too close. Shouting, imprisoned. Off with the mask, a leap and then it's over. Music by Castadiva.

6) E, or the pursuer
An encounter, a metaphysical town, a square, a roundabout, an alley, a door. The predator getting nearer and nearer. About to reach his prey when he realizes that he is the prey. Music by Carole Laure.

7) Off with the tulle! (white spinning round white in dark eyes)
A multiplication of kisses. Two little dolls stretching forward, motor-driven. Two eyes moving, shaken up, kissing in a hole. Two porcelain dolls surprised by a light caught in a kiss. A veil covers our view as something swallows the two children making them reflection. While white spins around white. Music by Bluvertigo.

Brooklyn Film Festival 2000, New York