2022  /  60'

Vittorio in a time out of time

Vittorio in a time out of time

By Elisabetta Sgarbi

“To distract myself from the obligatory celebrations due to Vittorio, I invented the need for a film that
would testify to this double birthday party. A movie that took me out of the party. May 8th on board the
Stradivari ship along the Po river was the first stop. The second was on May 10, in my adopted city, Milan,
at the home of Francesco Micheli. So, while we were celebrating, I, with the complicity of Andres Arce Maldonado
and the more occasional one of Eugenio Lio, kidnapped the guests from the flow of the party to frame them.
An (impossible) portrait of Vittorio emerges, choral and with several voices. Friends (many), and fewer friends
(few, basically moved by Vittorio’s extreme vitality), collaborators, journalists, accomplices in adventures
and raids, politicians and ministers, drivers and artists, daughters and relatives, doctors, dentists and gallery
owners, entrepreneurs , creditors and former lovers dedicate a word, a testimony, a memory to Vittorio. 70 memories
for 70 (they say) years.” says Elisabetta Sgarbi.

The filming moves dynamically inside the Motonave Stradivari, along the Po river thanks to a drone, in the interiors
of Francesco Micheli's Milanese house and above Vittorio and Elisabetta Sgarbi's home in Ro Ferrarese, ending along
the coast with a cameo by Antonio Rezza.

The fast-paced montage is enhanced by the notes of Extraliscio’s songs from the albums 'È bello perdersi' and
'Romantic Robot' (produced by Elisabetta Sgarbi's Betty Wrong Edizioni Musicali label and distributed by Sony Music Italy).

With Vittorio Sgarbi and Elisabetta Sgarbi.

Participants include Andrée Ruth Shammah, Giuseppe Cruciani, Arnaldo Colasanti, Nicola Porro, Francesca Filauri,
Mirco Mariani, Moreno Conficconi, Marco "Morgan" Castoldi, Laura Casalis, Eleonora Cavallini, Stefano Bighi and
Angela Benini, Edera Fornasari and Gino Ziche, Sabrina Colle, Guido Panza, Sauro Moretti, Camillo Langone,
Alessandro Bertazzini, Giuseppe Bergomi, Roberto Barbolini, Luisa Beccaria, Marcello Corvino, Pietro Di Natale,
Nino Ippolito, Roberto Pazzi, Anja Rossi, Leonardo Spadoni, Roberta Tancredi, Wainer Vaccari, Gianfranco Vissani,
Tommaso Ferruda, Marisa Roncati, Claudio Trotta, Filippo Martinez, Eugenio Lio, Marco Gulinelli, Alan Fabbri,
Naomo Lodi, Giampaolo Cagnin, Massimo Listri, Leonardo Spadoni, Santino Carta, Sara Pallavicini, Giovanni Lettini,
Stefano Morelli, Beatrice Avanzi, Franco Panizza, Monica Macchioni, Alba and Evelina Sgarbi, Francesco Micheli,
Mario Andreose, Anna Maria Lorusso, Simona Baroni, Domenico Dolce, Candida Morvillo, Eliana Liotta, Venanzio Postiglione,
Pietro Valsecchi, Melania Rizzoli, Gile Bae, Riccardo Vitanza and Francesco Specchia, Urbano Cairo, Alessandro Sallusti,
Maurizio Bottoni, Chiara Beria di Argentine, Michele Ainis, Tommaso Sacchi, Moni Ovadia, Fabio Novembre, Stefano Losani,
Oliviero Toscani. At the boat party Arialdo Ceribelli, Pierluigi Panza, Giuliano Landini, Massimo Garavaglia,
Corrado Sforza Fogliani.

Missing – but excused – Antonio and Giordano Rezza.

For the birthday parties, during which the film was shot, we thank Giampaolo Cagnin and Francesco Micheli.