2006  /  6’

The film, ideal sequel of This is my chocky message, shot in 2000, brings back on the screen the strength of a relationship between a father and his son that remains intact, or better still, becomes the vision of the sentiment, over the years. In a room at the Sitea Hotel in Turin, Hanif Kureishi and his son Kier alias Chocky are watching the recent World Cup football match Italy-USA on TV, supporting the Italian team: watching the game together turns into an exchange of very sweet effusions, and the actions of the football players bring back to their mind the cheerful quiet on those Sundays spent playing together, while the father's eyes hope that his son's smile will take him beyond the referee's whistle at the end of the match.

"Me and Kier love watching football together. That's what we do every time. I am drinking beers and he's shouting, in front of the TV. We play in a football team on Sundays: I am a forward, while he is my back. When Kier smiles at me, I see how happy he is, and I hope it will be this way forever."

Hanif Kureishi