AFRICA DREAM 16 original drawings by the author

at Il Circolo dei Lettori - Torino

Exhibit layout by
Luca Volpatti

Mostra realizzata grazie alla collaborazione della

There are writers for whom words are not enough and that – even if they are known all around the world because of their voice – feel the need to entrust their sensitivity and their research also to painting, colour, shapes.
Tahar Ben Jelloun (Goncourt Prize 1987) and Gao Xingjian (Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000) are two of these complex personalities, who can pass through these different languages.
Ben Jelloun’s figurative world is a place where the colours of East and binds of Arabian culture are put in the foreground – in order to represent roots and memories from which is impossible to get free, and that work as a continuous recall to tradition.
In Gao Xinjian’s world the most impressive element are the sense for landscape, the attention for earth, birds, rocks, in a universe that is above all a landscape of soul, between wide backgrounds of whites and blacks, greys and shades, able to give back the gradualness of perceptible.
Two “hands” that tell about their narrative and cultural worlds. Due universes of shapes that express two vision of world.