La Milanesiana

La Milanesiana Literature Music Cinema Science began in Milan in 2000 under Elisabetta Sgarbi's initiative.

Since its very first edition the festival is meant to be a great "laboratory of excellence" for literature, cinema, music, visual art, science and philosophy. Its aim is to cross over arts and learnings belonging to different disciplines and backgrounds and thus bringing to Milan the greatest talents in many fields: winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, of the Nobel Prize for Science, of the Academy Award, but also musicians awarded of major international acknowledgements.

Over the years the areas of interest of the festival have spread from Literature, Music and Cinema to Science, Visual Arts, Theatre and Videogames.

Through its editions it witnessed:
- over 900 international guests (among which 25 winners of the Nobel Prize)
- 800.000 spectators
- a wide visibility on Nation press, including the first pages of the most important national newspapers

Furthermore, since 2010 it has received the honour of the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic